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How much will a site survey cost?

A site survey to assess the equipment for a maintenance service contract, or for new installations are free of charge, and with no obligation.

Can I lease the system?

Commercial Finance is available to purchase the system over maximum of a 5 year period, this would be subject to terms & conditions.

Do air conditioning units provide heating as well as cooling?

Modern air conditioning units are generally supplied as a heat pump system which will provide heating and cooling. When used in heating mode, heat pumps are very economical to run, when compared to other forms of heating system.

I have a manufacturers warranty, so why do I need a maintenance contract ?

The system has a standard comprehensive warranty of 12 months. It is important to to bear in mind that manufacturers extended ‘parts only’ warranties are void unless the equipment has been used and maintained in accordance with their specifications and recommendations for the duration of the warranty period. We have a range of maintenance contracts all of which meet these requirements.

Is air conditioning expensive to run ?

There is a common misconception, that air conditioning is expensive to run. Costs can vary drastically from one installation to another and are dependant on a number of factors, including building loads and running times. In general, when used correctly they are very economical. For more information on running costs, please contact us.

How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained?

Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of one maintenance service visit per annum to satisfy their warranty terms.
Where a system is subject to high use or in high traffic areas such as a busy office, or where a possible failure of the system is detrimental to the business, additional service visits may be required.

Why should I service my air condioning units?

Lack of, or poorly applied maintenance can result in poor performance and can reduce the life of the equipment and could also invalidate any warranty terms.
Many manufacturers offer extended warranty terms, some being up to 10years, subject to being maintained to their recommended level, for the duration of the term.
LAC can offer to carry out regular service and maintenance to help keep your unit running at optimum efficiency.
When carried out properly, maintenance will also reduce operating costs.

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