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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free site surveys?

Yes. All our quotes and site surveys for new installations are free of charge.

Can I lease the system?

Commercial Finance is available to purchase the system over maximum of a 5 year period, this is subject to terms & conditions.

Do air conditioning units provide heating as well as cooling?

Modern units are generally heat pumps which provide heating and cooling, using the unit to provide heating is very economicalto run when compared to other forms of heating systems.

I have a manufacturers warranty, so why do I need a maintenance contract ?

You receive a standard comprehensive warranty of 12 months. It is important to bear in mind that manufacturers extended warranties are only valid if the equipment has been used and maintained in accordance with their specifications and recommendations,  in a similar way in which car manufacturers require that a vehicle be serviced and maintained throughout the life of the warranty. We have a range of maintenance contracts all of which meet these requirements.

Is air conditioning expensive to run ?

This is a common misconception, that air conditioning is expensive to run. Although costs can vary drastically from installation to installation and are dependent on a number of factors, including building loads and running times, they are generally very economical. For more information on running costs, please contact us.

How often should I have my Air Conditioner maintained?

The manufacturers recommend two visits per annum, for server rooms, we recommend at least three service visits per annum. For areas with high levels of pollution or contaminants in the air such as kitchens, hairdressers or workshops, additional service visits may be required. Units that are not in constant use generally require one service per year.

Why should I service my air condioning units?

Regular servicing and maintenance keep your unit running at maximum efficiency, significantly extends the lifetime of a unit and reduces operating costs. In addition, routine maintenance will ensure that the unit qualifies for the full warranty of up to 7 years rather than just the standard manufacturer’s one year warranty.

Water leaks are the most common fault of no maintenenace.

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