The Service

Our capability extends to supply, installation and commissioning of most leading brands of air conditioning systems and equipment

Our customers can benefit from our own comprehensive and manufacturers extended warranties on all our installations.

Being totally independent and impartial of all manufacturers and distributors we can offer unbiased advice on equipment, systems and manufacturers, highlighting the positive and negative aspects specific to your building or required application and will recommend the most appropriate make of equipment for the application to meet your requirements.

Existing heating systems can be replaced with new heat pump systems that not only provide winter heating, but also summer cooling. The system will also provide far lower winter heating bills with more efficient energy usage and allow much finer control of space temperature. Older air conditioning systems can be replaced with modern systems providing both better control and cheaper running costs.

Our initial surveys are completely free of charge with no obligation.
From initial concept through to detailed design, installation and commissioning, LAC will manage your job from start to finish – leaving you to focus on your core business.

Buildings are subject to continuously varying thermal loads and it’s important that loads are calculated correctly. By using up to date load calculation software, we ensure heat loads are matched to the building requirements. Equipment efficiency and energy usage is also a major consideration at the design stage.

We try to establish an early relationship with the client and get a firm understanding of their business, work activity, work cycles, occupancy and detail of the heat generated from equipment utilised in the proposed conditioned area. This, with information gathered from our survey enables us to engineer a solution keeping capital cost and equipment space requirements to a minimum.

As with all our installation projects, the maintenance function and equipment access is a key consideration at the design stage to ensure that due regard is paid to the areas of health and safety, reliability and low cost maintainability.